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Treehouse Learning Centers LLC.

... At Treehouse Learning Center, little seeds grow into mighty trees!

About Us

At Treehouse Learning Center, we believe the first years of a child's life are very important, as they help to lay a foundation for growth both emotionally and intellectually that will follow the child throughout the years to come. 

We work hard to provide a developmentally appropriate program that fosters the whole child, respects each child that walks through our door individually and stimulate a child's natural interest in, and enjoyment of, learning. 

Through a partnership with the staff and parents, we strive to help the children to reach their full potential and meet all milestones. 

Literacy Activity


At Treehouse Learning Ceneter, we start your children on the right track by teaching them the very fundamentals of the English language. In no time at all, you will start to notice your little ones using what they learned in everyday conversations.

Creative Art & Music


Allowing children to express themselves through art,  music,  and movement is very important. Our art and musical activities help build language, creativity and social skills. From musical games to instruments including ones created in our creative critters room, your child will build their confidence to express themselves through art and music.

Dramatic Play


It’s no secret that children LOVE creative dramatic play, and the Treehouse Learning  Center sincerely believes it is one of the best ways for children to learn and grow!  From baking, to fairy tale plays to grocery store make believe, we make sure to keep your little one’s brains stimulated! 



The best time to learn math, like most things, is when you are young. Our engaging math activities help your child master key math skills.  From patterns, number recognition and values, to more advanced games and puzzles, your child's brain will always be stimulated. 



Science activities help children of all ages understand important concepts. Our science activities for kids give them the opportunity and know how to discover something completely new. 

Free Play & Outdoor Play


Time to let loose! Free Play and Outdoor Play allows children to have fun, play with one another and build on their social skills. Whether they are playing indoors with one of our hundreds of developmentally appropriate toys or outside in our safe and secure play area they are sure to burn off energy before the day is over. 

Classroom Information

Treehouse Learning Center is a state licensed center through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Service. We adhere to all the state regulations and compliance's governing child care centers in the state of Ohio. 

Our framed license is located next to the family board when you enter the building. All licensing information, including compliance's and health building and fire inspections are in a binder located on the table below the family board. 

Ladybugs (Toddlers)

Age Group

2 years old - 3 years old 

Maximum Group Size (Staff/Child Ratios)

1:7     2:14

Caterpillars (Preschool)

Age Group

3 years old - 4 years old 

Maximum Group Size (Staff/Child Ratios)

1:12     2:24

Butterflies (Pre-K)

Age Group

4 years old - 5 years old 

Maximum Group Size (Staff/Child Ratios)

1:14     2:28